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Spicy Lads
(6 months ago)
Apr 09
12:56 AM
(7 months ago)
Mar 08
4:45 PM

I m back!
It s a guy that i found near me on grindr, few days ago.
He is top, and I am too, so we didnt meet (yeah soft is a bit boring I think).
He is fuckin sexy!
Enjoy your day! Here in Paris the sun is awesome!

(1 year ago)
Jun 27
12:00 AM
(1 year ago)
Jun 20
7:22 PM
Cute?Follow me! My own sexy gay blog is coming : ) 
(1 year ago)
May 30
11:59 PM

What do you think? 
He is fucking hot & cute!!! 

Send me pictures guys, and don’t forget to follow me! 


(1 year ago)
May 06
10:07 AM
(1 year ago)
Mar 13
6:22 PM
(1 year ago)
Mar 06
10:54 PM
(1 year ago)
Feb 13
3:03 AM
Friend of ! :) What do you think? Do you like it? Hot no?;have a good night girls and boys
(1 year ago)
Feb 06
2:50 PM
:) Just perfect! So hot!